1 thought on “Can we infer causality from observational data?

  1. Inspired by Kara’s description of plankton science using the upgoer-five text editor – constraining text to the 1,000 most common words in English – I’ve attempted to sum up the discussion:

    People who study stuff think they can learn what causes things to
    happen, but maybe we can’t ever know if they are right. If you are
    looking at one thing, another thing may be happening at the same time,
    but you are not looking at it so you don’t know. Maybe something that
    you weren’t looking at was really the cause. Maybe humans can’t know
    what is real anyway. It’s still important to study stuff. And it is
    agreed that a car that could move back through time, to times before
    now, would help us to understand what causes things to change.

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