February 14 – Inside Peek: LTER Network Website

You all know that the LTER Network Communications Office is based at NCEAS, but maybe you don’t really know what the LTER Network¬†is. And when you wandered onto the old web site, you thought you’d stumbled into a dusty archive. The LTER NCO has launched the Network’s new website, but it is definitely still a work-in-progress. We would love to draw on the insight and ideas of NCEAS scientists: the exact audience we care most about (that is, scientists not currently associated with the LTER).
The roundtable will be interactive, with a very brief presentations about the audiences, constraints goals, and process of developing the website, followed by a look at the backend and a discussion of what works well and what could be improved. We will discuss some of the challenges encountered as well as short- and long-term solutions. It’s your chance to help solve a challenging sci-comm puzzle and learn a bit more about one of NCEAS’ major programs. To facilitate the fun, please bring a computer and meet in the Paseo Room.

Speaker: Marty Downs
Marty is the Deputy Director for the Long Term Ecological Research Network Communications Office (LTER NCO), based at NCEAS. The NSF-funded LTER Network includes 25 sites and engages thousands of researchers and students to study ecological processes operating on long time scales and large spatial scales. Marty joined the newly-created NCO in 2016 to enhance awareness and understanding of LTER research within the LTER community and across diverse constituencies and stakeholders.