WordPress site to accompany NCEAS Roundtable!

image by tony newell via flickr CC-BY-NC

Hello NCEAS community,

In order to make it easier to share ideas and resources related to the NCEAS Roundtable presentations and discussions, we’ve set up a WordPress site! Please use this forum to share information with other members of the NCEAS community. When you give a Roundtable presentation or discussion and have links, figures, comments, etc. that you would like to share, please post them here (being careful not to violate copyright, of course)! Please be aware that anything you post here is accessible on the web, so do not post anything you do not want to be publicly available.

In an effort to reduce spam, this site is closed to comments from unregistered users. To register, click on the link in the lower right of the main Roundtable page. Once you register, I will also give you author permission so that you can create a post related to your own Roundtable presentation or discussion. You can also subscribe to updates via RSS to receive notification when new entries or comments are posted.

Do you have an image that would make a good header for this page? Please send it along!

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.